Network Instagram related has gotten a bad rap because of the ads ” Facetune ” target


You know Instagram ads between publications, in the story also. It’s the way they generate the company income. These ads are targeted too, which means that Instagram only know which ads you think she might like you based on many factors. However, it seems that few people are watching the ads on the Instagram application called Facetune.

And for those who have not heard about this app before, it is an application designed to help users capture self-portraits ” perfect “. Like most photography Apps, the app Facetune comes with many filters and tools that help to remove skin imperfections. However, it seems that the ad is targeting women under the age of 25 years, and this is what finds his mission to be offensive, perhaps because of stereotypes or maybe because of the encouraging people pursuing the appearance of ” perfect “.

I found a study conducted by the International Journal of eating disorders a correlation between teens who use social media to spread photoshopped pictures of themselves, and high levels of concerns related to sex and eating. As recently rumored that due to the wide spread of applications that provide tools to ” cosmetic”, it has been observed that there is an increase in the number of younger people who are looking for cosmetic surgery to make their appearance as good as their photos personal.

According to AdNews, refused to Instagram to comment on the report and declarations of Facetune with the support that they continue to only show ads that adhere to their guidance, which are designed to protect the community.



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