Network Lightning Network has grown by almost 200 percent over the past month

Network Lightning Network has taken another important step on the way to mass adoption. Recently, the number gcd in LN has exceeded 4,000 units. Their total cost has risen to 1.86 million dollars, equivalent to about 332 bitcoin. According AMBCrypto, the most active period of growth of LN occurred in the past four months.

Lightning Network climbs to new heights

To check the exact and actual number of nodes in a network using the service 1ML. At the time of this writing, Lightning Network works 4093 node, this is the highest rate since the launch of the network. From this figure 2947 are public nodes. Among all the nodes in LN now created 11 384 channel, i.e. the average node communicates with at least twelve channels.

It is noteworthy that over the past 30 days, the cost of Lightning Network was increased by nearly 198%. The growth in the number of nod amounted to 8.14%. While the statistics about the exponential adoption of technology in the long term. With this boom in growth came in the last 138 days, during this time, the LN managed to increase in size several times.

Recall, Lightning Network is the Protocol of the second level for Bitcoin blockchain. With LN you can handle microtransactions with far greater speed than in conventional network of Bitcoin.

Recently Lightning Network attracts more and more attention to the famous personalities in the industry of cryptocurrency. For example, the Creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee believesthat the LN is fully consistent with the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Image source — AMBCrypto

Using the Lightning Network, you can even earn money, however, is not in such great numbers. Let’s hope that in the future the value of LN will be over a billion dollars, and the network will be used by the entire world.


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