Network Nervos Network and token CKByte. What are the features and what are the benefits of the project?

The last couple of weeks Ethereum is under a barrage of criticism. While the project developers have not found ways to offload networks, project Vitalik Buterin suffers from a high volume of transactions. As a result of growing of the Commission and for transfers have to pay. Vitalik came up with a solution to the problem, but it’s still not working. To get rid of the shortcomings of Ethereum blockchains and Bitcoin want the creators Nervos Network — this is the ambitious task they have set for ourselves. Become familiar with “Nervosa” closer.

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What is Nervos?

The developers do mention Bitcoin and Ethereum at the main of the website. First they praised the projects, and then emphasize their disadvantages. For example, they call Bitcoin the most safe and reliable bloccano to save values in today’s world. While it is designed to work exclusively with one native token (BTC) and is not suitable for efficient scaling.


On the other hand, Ethereum is the most popular platform for smart contracts. However, the value in the blockchain of the project does not increase the rate of ETH.

After that, the developers share definitions. Remember the terms, so you do not confuse.

  • The Nervos Network — blockchain ecosystem with open source and set of protocols that solve problems of the block chain of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The Nervos CKB (Common Knowledge Base) — the blockchain Protocol network Nervos Network of the first level of the algorithm Proof-of-Work. It allows you to store any cryptocurrency, working with smart contracts and supports the decision of the scaling of the second level. In addition, the network has a native token CKByte.

A bit of theory. Solutions of the first level or the chain (on the chain) — changes in the blockchain, which require making serious changes in the chain. Examples of solutions of the first level are the increase of the block size (to increase the number of transactions) or the reduction of residence time unit (to increase the throughput of a network with a larger number of blocks). This is done through updates or forks inside the blockchain. Hence the name.

The decisions of the second level are implemented on top of mannata — that is, the main chain and do not require any changes to the existing blockchain. They work as if outside the actual block chain and allow the load off the network. An example of a Protocol of the second level Lightning Network in Bitcoin.

Source: 2Биткоина

To summarize the advantages Nervos CKB that set developers:

  • the stability of the blockchain with the support of different cryptocurrencies;
  • maximum safety and centrosoyus;
  • challenge the problems leading blockchains in the industry;
  • decision support scalability;
  • the presence of native token that works in the interests of network users;
  • support smart contracts for developers.

Another important advantage of the project: the developers have received funding in the amount of $ 28 million. In the round participated Sequoia China, Polychain Capital, Multicoin Capital and FBG Capital, and this is not the last name in the field of Finance and investments etc.

What is the token CKByte

CKByte — native token Nervos CKB. Designed for use as a store of value and resource management within the blockchain. CKByte useful for storage of assets, execution of smart contracts or lease their place in the blockchain. This is the wording of the developers and what exactly they mean for this project is yet unknown.

Source: 2Биткоина

CKByte scales simultaneously with the creation of other tokens, assets, data and smart contracts within the network. The developers expect the growth of demand for the token CKByte the growth of the network Nervos.

Tocancel CKByte scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. The launch of the business network project is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The advantages of the network Nervos Network

Nervos Network — ecosystem Nervos, that is the Union of a set of protocols, decisions of the second level, token CKByte and other components of the project. The developers Nervos do not want to introduce an “unapproved new mechanisms of consensus for the sake of improved performance and network bandwidth”. Instead, they rely on the decision of the second level. For this there are three reasons:

  • the almost infinite scalability of the blockchain;
  • the minimum cost of transactions;
  • no risk for the main chain.

According to the developers, only this combination will allow to solve the trilemma of scalability.

Trilemma a scalability problem of the block chain. In accordance with it, the chain can not be simultaneously decentralized, secure, and ready to scale. They may have only two properties out of three. For example, Bitcoin secure and decentralized, but with the increase in the number of transactions had problems.

Source: 2Биткоина

Tocancel CKByte from Nervos

Tocancel CKByte will take place on the platform CoinList in October 2019. Buy tokens before this period at other sites is impossible, so be careful. Scammers definitely aktiviziruyutsya closer to the time.

Please note that details about tokencache will appear only on the official channels CKB. Official representatives in the form of third parties the company does.

Mining CKByte from Nervos

Mining cryptocurrency CKByte will be available on mining-pool 2Miners immediately at the time of starting a network project, which is tentatively scheduled in October 2019. Details will appear in the Telegram-channel pool.

Source: 2Биткоина

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