Network Netflix choose Video Player small pop-up in their applications

Do you want to watch video content from the network Netflix via their apps and use the apps else at the same time? This will be possible soon.

شبكة نتفليكس تختبر مشغل منبثق صغير في تطبيقاتها - NetflixNetwork Netflix choose Video Player small pop-up in their applications

The network began Netflix test feature centered around Fund floating the right expression and operator of a small pop-up shows up in some cases and can control the size of it or place it on the screen, helping users to enjoy the content during the work on the application of other and similar for multithreading functions offered by smart phones.

Users can run the Connect to pop-up from the main entrance through the icon in the toolbar at the bottom, next to the icon of the transition video to the next.

Although the water appeared and it is under testing for a week odd, but that the company did not comment on this feature in advance.

Can say that this feature is similar to what they offer YouTube and some other services in its operator version of the desktop, which is very useful in many cases, while browsing or searching for other videos on the product.

Netflix pop up playerNetflix choose Video Player small pop-up in their applications

Add a new network, Netflix.

Come to these waters which are subject to testing in conjunction with the company’s announcement about the new feature increase the interaction between application and users.

Where other water based stimulating phone on vibration in some of the problems of explosions for example.



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