Network Reddit and Patreon are in partnership interactive touch

شبكة Reddit ومنصة Patreon تقومان بشراكة تفاعلية لمستخدميهما

Announced platform Patreon, which you think platform creators and content creators through the acquisition of membership, partnership with the news website Interactive if you will, “Reddit”, and to help users in building community and interactive to promote their business through the process of integrating specific comments, publications and membership accounts Patreon more prominent in the website Reddit.

The most prominent of these characteristics added the appearance of the icon next to the user name Reddit-up account of one of the members of the platform Patreon, to the members of the platform creators know the follow-up; and access to the process of interaction that will improve the relationship between them and their clients through shared their comments on news and articles they publish in Reddit, this is considered a good thing at the time where the members of the Patreon permanently to deal with the follow-up to their supporters via forums, Reddit, in addition so will this partnership on the appearance of the icon of the particular site Reddit on the account page of the main member of the platform Patreon; and Can through the accession of new members to the forum specific in Reddit, according to the user’s account.

It has been the launch of the new partnership between the signatories to a certain category of the members of the platform content creator today, and is expected to include a larger number of members of the Patreon in the next few days according to the company statement.

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