Network Twitter is working on a new feature called ” News Camera “


In recent years, we have noticed that what you do is social networking is ” borrow ” features from each other. For example, the network Instagram borrow feature story of the application of Snapchat. Now according to what I found out researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it appears that Twitter also consider borrow some of the features of the application Snapchat.

And apparently, the Twitter network choose a new feature called ” News Camera ” Where You will allow posts that are created using this water in the name of ” moments | Moments “. If this sounds familiar, it is because the company had removed earlier feature Moments the original of their application in the month of October last, but if this perception is true, it suggests that Twitter was simply looking for a renewal.

How works the feature ” Camera News “ is? It is not clear at the moment and we only have a video from Matt Navarra which shows us an early version of this feature. Users can basically take pictures and videos and to hosting a set of processes live where you will be able to add additional information such as location details, etc. of other information to provide more context to their photos or their videos.

We’re not sure of the amount of changes that have occurred or that will have this feature before they are released to the general users, so we have to just wait and see what will happen in the end. In the meantime, Twitter has confirmed it is working on this feature but have no timeline for its launch so that the stated a spokesperson in the name of the company by saying : ” I can confirm that we are working on an easier way to share things like photos and videos on Twitter. What you see is still in the product development process, so difficult to comment on how they will do things at the final stage. The team is still actively working on what we already “.

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