“Networking sites are where the deadly poison”.. Facebook, Instagram or make you miserable and depressed,

Spend hundreds of millions of human hours in front of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram, to determine the type of personal well-being, and to obtain information and communicate with others, to some, that means a source of joy, but this can be they are live users, which show the first experimental study looking at the use of multiple platforms linked to the causal link between time spent on social media this increased depression and feeling unhappy.

Previously and talk about the relationship between those feelings and the use of social media, but did not prove the direction of causality, and now for the first time installation Research University of Pennsylvania-based experimental data that Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram are causing a decline in the level of welfare, published psychologist “Melissa Jin Han” the results in the Journal of social psychology, clinical last December.

سوشيال ميديا
Social media

Earlier show that the use of social media hurt the welfare of the users, but they used to put participants in positions of non-realistic or was the scope of their limited, and asked them to completely get rid of Facebook, so the results were suspicious and lack precision, says Hannah :” we embarked in a study more comprehensive and accurate”.

To this end, the research team, which included graduates of two recent design experience includes the organization of the three most popular with a group of university students, and then collect the usage data of objectivity that followed by the iPhone automatically on the active applications.

Filled 143 participants, a questionnaire to improve the mood and well-being at the beginning of the study, in addition to the footage shared for devices iPhone their own to clarify the statement of the use of social media essential, and then there have been a few other experiments of the microflora on the group, and then measured some things, including the fear of loss, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and unhappiness.


In the end, the study has concluded that the use of social media less than usual leads to a significant reduction in both depression and loneliness, and these effects were particularly evident for people who were more sombre when they entered the study.

The researchers explained that the results do not indicate that individuals between the ages of 18 and 22 years old they should stop using social media completely, but rather tend more to the idea of determining the time of use of these applications.

The researchers followed that feeling unhappy come because of seeing the lives of others the best of your life, for example when you look at the lives of others, especially on Instagram, it’s easy to conclude that the mission life the best of your life.

In spite of these warnings, although the study did not determine the optimal time that users must spend on these platforms or the best way to use them, the study explains that when you are not busy to engage in social media, you spend more time on the things that are likely to make you feel better about your life, as a society, know how to use those tools in a manner that limits adverse effects.

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