New advantages to students will be through any


Before we can restore more next to actually develop the students point out with astonishment to the latest polls within American society, that came out to the effect that 50% of Americans don’t know who owns the App months in the history of digital technology.
They did not allow the purchase of Facebook to the by. Accordingly we were surprised that they didn’t know where Palestine is located !

Anyway, back to the advantages of the application of WhatsApp which you will get on our phones sooner or later, maybe according to what we know about this is it’s coming within days for my Android and iOS devices.

New advantages to students

Night mode

Maybe this dark matter to many users but in any case don’t suffer from migraine headaches. It is the top area of the visual which is “sister” comes a headache in a non-date.
But the Night Mode feature loves her healthy will be soon on the app after I almost finished a pilot and testing phase.

Will feature a night mode to turn the background color a dark color which will provide energy to the battery of the phone is wasted by bright.

Silent mode Silent mode

The application will provide a choice of silent mode for every person added to the list of friends to add to groups Groups will work to stop the alerts also stop showing the number of messages that arrive from this person as long as they feature silent mode activated.

Vacation mode Vacation mode

Unlike the silent mode, will feature vacation mode on to disable the app for the holiday for a day or hours or days.

Linked accounts Linked Accounts

Another feature I was not clear-cut , enabling you as a user of the linked account, Instagram account fact account. But to the non-information goals and objectives, but we certainly we’ll know what it is when fired.

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New advantages to students will be during the day

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