New advertising campaign says about the most important for mankind

New commercials from Apple we expect as well as a new series of favorite TV series. Every movie company, even if it lasts only 15 seconds. Apple has recently created a new page on their website dedicated to security and privacy iPhone. It has several animations that are already available on YouTube.

At the time of writing, the page was only available on the German version of the Apple website. On the page the company said that the iPhone is more than just a device. It show six text animations. At the end of each movie one of the characters turns into a petal on the Apple logo.

Apple has repeatedly made it clearhow important the humanitarian principles and protection of the environment. It is for this reason she tries to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Recently we have been told, what difficulties are associated with the production of materials for modern smartphones. Apple care about this issue no less than all the others.

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