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If you are the owner of one of the Android devices, it is sure that you need to the new reviews once in a while about the latest free apps which facilitate you to manage your daily tasks.

Of course it won’t stimulate the names of all the apps by heart, But you will have the unique experience if you review the Play store your apps Android occasionally for the latest applications service and useful for your life.

In this report we will show you the latest three free apps for Android devices with a listing of features.

The application Opera Touch

جديد أندرويد.. تطبيقات ينبغي تجربتها

Always recommended browser Opera for all devices on differing operating systems, ease of use and speed of processed data, not to mention the size of the browser small. Was released a new version of the Opera browser called Opera Touch to enable users of the start of operations of the Voice Search or the source within the glossy, fun and at ease to use.

Based on the developers of Opera Touch to the methodology change the status of the lists of options, usually it was the upper part in the right hand or the left of the browser according to the language of the Treaty and the direction of writing.

The usual situation was causing many problems, especially if the user reviews the part away from the introduction of the browser. It was therefore incumbent on the user’s browser is many times difficult access to the options lists.

The developers of the Opera Touch the status button options the bottom of the screen in the middle of the app to facilitate the user change the problem of the length of the screen.

Also added a new feature to the Opera browser Touch which feature “flow”. This feature enables you to browse the website currently open browser Opera Touch mobile devices or tablet computers through your computer on the desktop by scan code QR.

Try it yourself from here :

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