New Apple Mac mini — there may be a six-core CPU, SSD 2 TB and 64 GB of RAM

Well, besides a new MacBook Air, which is very similar to a regular MacBook, Apple introduced a new Mac mini. If anything, the last time the kid was updated four years ago!

The Mac mini certainly has become more powerful. Much more powerful. Not to say that it really turned into a device for professionals, as it repeated the rumor, but top versions are really suitable for the heavy editing and other similar tasks.

Judge for yourself, already in the database here Quad-core Core i3 eighth generation 3.6 GHz, and in the top Core i7 six-cores with frequencies of 3.2-4.6 GHz! Moreover, the database then 8 GB of RAM, but the maximum amount reaches the impressive 64 GB. Even more fun that the RAM is not soldered, that is, it can be delivered over time, if you originally bought the version with the lack of volume.

Further, the drive. The database then 128 GB, and a maximum of 2 TB! Although this SSD will have to pay 1600 bucks relative to the base. I think that is easier outside screw to buy.

That is not just primitive home PC suggests a set of ports. Moreover, what’s to choose 10-Gigabit Ethernet, so there is also four USB C. 3, a couple of regular USB 3, HDMI and audio Jack. That is to buy the adapter or adapters you may not have to. Also there is a 5.0 Bluetooth and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. The new Mac mini dimensions — 197 x 197 x 36 mm and weight 1.3 kg.

For the basic version asking $ 800. The cheapest version with six-core CPU will cost 1100 dollars. For fun, figured top version at no additional cost for SOFTWARE. Out of 4200 dollars.

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