New Apple Pencil can draw directly on your Desk

2020 Apple Pencil marks five years. Officially it belongs to the category of “digital stylus”, but now it is more than just another stylus. About it, yet few people realize, however. April 7 (yesterday) Apple’s got the patent number ends in “666”. It’s a happy number for Apple, the first computer company (Apple I) cost 666 dollars 1976. When covered by the patent the invention becomes a reality, much will change.

Apple Pencil 3 will be a virtual trackpad

In the last year or two, the number of patents and patent filings by Apple related to Apple Pencil, published by the U.S. patent and trademark office has increased significantly. Still it the published material was about the specific technical solutions, though interesting to a narrow circle of specialists, but strong emotions do not cause. Touch sensors, rotation sensors, control pencil change its tilt, and more – to understand and appreciate these innovations, it is necessary, at least for at least 10-15 minutes to try include Apple Pencil them in.

Is it comfortable and is it easy to get comfortable with them is not obvious. That these are all important, but not much for civilization “stuff” – only a fragment of something completely new, I thought it was impossible. Below is the new “hooked” the audience need only one thing: that it is reliably and smoothly working. The way back will be gone. Unless, of course, its price is not prohibitively high.

New Apple Pencil

The first and second Apple Pencil can only be used on surfaces that are sensitive to touch (touch input) observing a complex unknown user rules and agreements. They work with selected models of selected varieties of iPad. Perhaps the “big” iPhone will join him. But in the patent 10,613,666 to our attention offer Apple pencil working on a different principle, on any surface. The displacement transmitting part of the pencil tracked using the LiDAR sensors, or something similar. In the patent this time is not disclosed.

The new Apple Pencil is a LiDAR sensor

Mac with a set of sensors (such Mas s yet) that tracks the movement of the pencil in space, converts them into images on the screen. In the text, in three-dimensional structures, in anything.

One drawback is obvious now: the first and second Apple Pencil leave a mark at the point of contact of the pencil with the surface. Pencil described in patent with 666 on the end behaves like the huge size of the virtual trackpad. But drawing can be used, for example, the surface of the table.

It’s something from the movie “Mission impossible”

Why need a stylus?

All (or almost all) know that Steve jobs was against the stylus object. Categorically. From reports in the media of the zero decade, and a number of “eyewitnesses” know that Steve immediately, and in the most aggressive form, dismissed dared to utter with him the word. These witnesses say that it was not. Of those who Steve “was fired without severance pay”, not only because of the word “stylus” – some work on the Apple still. One of them is even the head of the company.

Apple Pencil Apple Pencil 2. What has changed?

And that’s exactly what Steve did not like the stylus, no bother. He believed that the stylus should not be the primary means of interaction with the user interface. Especially the only. Apple Pencil was not a “retreat from dogma”. If you use this pencil, share your experience in our Telegram chat.

The very first stylus for iOS devices, Apple Pencil, was presented on 9 September 2015, coinciding with the first iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen. Met him enthusiastically, but, surprisingly, he surpassed enthusiastic expectations. Its sale began on 11 November 2015, and despite his “a shameless high price” (it cost $ 99), the warehouses it was not stale. This is one of the most successful products of Apple, Steve would be proud. Sale Apple Pencil 2 commenced 7 November 2018, simultaneously with the sale “inflexible” iPad Pro.

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