New: application BestCrypt Explorer manager and encrypted files on Android

جديد: تطبيق BestCrypt Explorer مدير ومُشفّر ملفات على أندرويد

When it comes to privacy and security, it’s worth reviewing, with us in this article a new app of on the Android operating system, which is the application BestCrypt Explorer that can we know that the city files as well as encrypted files powerful.

Where with this app there will be space for separate storage is to encrypt all your data photos, videos, files ,,etc., all this in a way that the use is very simple, as once you transfer the files to the encryption automatically, no one could access them only after entering the password established in advance.

After that it is inside the app itself can open all your files are encrypted, it supports the review of the video and open the sound and listen to music and when you open the text files, and by the way the application is used BestCrypt Explorer extension for file encryption “LongCrypt Container Encryption – Jetico” trusted long time for computers and servers, and not only that, but this application supports download encrypted storage to cloud services the likes of drive the degree of Xbox.

Perhaps one of the advantages of the other tasks is to support the application for access to encrypted storage which was created on Android on Windows PCs and Linux and Mac and vice versa, finally the application BestCrypt Explorer is available to download for free and full with no annoying ads or purchases internal, supports Android 4.0 the latest.

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