New: application of the Bouncer to grant permissions for temporary applications

جديد: تطبيق Bouncer لمنح أذونات مؤقتة للتطبيقات

It is important and right to have your phone Android apps protection and security, and I don’t mean to fill up your phone this type of applications, being that most of them come with the same tools, but with the application of a Bouncer varies it, where comes the task in very useful for any user of Android, and crystallize in the granting of permissions to applications temporarily.

In other words the granting of any application installed at the ear that he wants. once completed the app says What if someone unplugs the ear automatically without any intervention by the user, for example, if you want to allow what access to the contacts and his ear so, the task of application of Bouncer kill remove ear immediately close the application.

جديد: تطبيق Bouncer لمنح أذونات مؤقتة للتطبيقات

So with this app will increase your security and privacy will be of the age of the battery, and by the way, the application of Bouncer is available to download for free and full and don’t need the powers of Root.

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