New: application to Adaptive Brightness to change the brightness of the screen Android automatically

جديد: تطبيق Adaptive Brightness لتغيير سطوع شاشة الأندرويد تلقائيًا

When it comes to applications of the category of tools, most come for the benefit of the multitudes of users, the application of Adaptive Brightness the latest of these applications and exclusively on the Android operating system, which in turn adds tool adaptive brightness in the Quick Settings panel, therefore with this method you can change the size of the brightness of the screen without wasting time in development in Settings.

More worthy to note that this new app is open source, so developers can add the code and tools and new features on the app, nor the app uses no analytics, and does not brings you any data.

As for support, it supports Android version 7.0, most recent, and therefore will benefit from the application programming interface the quick settings to this version or higher, finally, if you’re interested you can download application of Adaptive Brightness free on store Google Play.

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