New applications: Action on iOS to improve your videos automatically

جديد التطبيقات: Action على iOS لتحرير فيديوهاتك تلقائيًا 

Like Klap, the Replay, the Quik or Magisto, with Action won’t need anymore to be a professional to modify and edit your videos on your smartphone, just all what you need is application in addition to the experience slightly, however this new app will be in your hands a tool to improve videos without the need to intervene in this long process.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms that comes by the application of the Action, all you have to do is import the video, and let the rest of it, where it occurs and the film or the trailer your by pressing the automatic for the music you have chosen.

As you will be able to intervene in all stages of the process, for example to change the video sequence or a piece, once stored a movie, you’ll just have to save it to your device or share it on different social networks, finally you can experience the application of the Action for the iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad free from here, with the presence of internal purchases.

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