New applications Easy DND offers a feature “do not disturb mode” in a streamlined interface

جديد التطبيقات Easy DND يُقدّم ميزات "وضع عدم الإزعاج" في واجهة مبسطة

For the first time we saw a mode or feature “do not disturb” known simply as “DND” on the Android version 9.0, most recent, therefore this feature will be available only for the version of Android is mentioned, so if you prefer to deal with the settings of this situation by the application instead of diving in the Accessibility settings, the app Easy DND is an excellent choice.

Therefore, with this app you’ll be able to check in the options of the Do Not Disturb mode without having to delve into the depths of the system settings, and without any desire to return to the old way and control your phone calls and other options available at this property.

With the application of Easy DND will be able to quickly switch to do not disturb mode full, or the choice of Priority Only, or block all phone calls, or let some of your favorite contacts, as well as prevention of SMS or mute notifications and more tools already available in the interface the “Do Not Disturb” from the Android Settings itself.

Finally apply Easy DND is available to download for free and full on store Google Play, as we pointed out earlier, it’s available for Android users 9.0, most recent, and by the way the app is open source.

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