New applications: Envision AI to help the visually impaired to see and read

جديد التطبيقات: Envision AI لمساعدة ضعاف البصر على الرؤية والقراءة

Smartphones are very powerful and we use it so much for granted, and we use it simply to communicate with others and play some games or watch videos and other things, but for visually impaired people, can be smart phones are extremely useful tools and make them feel the independence.

These users in particular we have already covered many of the services have their own app such as Lookout from Google and apply SwiftBraille apply BlindTool and other other applications, there is now a new which is the application of Envision AI that was available on iOS only, has now been included on the system to other Android.

On the other hand, the application uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to the things and people around you, and you can teach faces and objects, with the understanding of its scenes and environments himself, so that he can read aloud text also in multiple languages, which will be useful in new places or when checking from the menus and the elements of the supermarket.

As we pointed out it was the application of Envision is available on iOS for a while, but it just landed on the Android platform, with the difference that it does not hold a subscription price Suite to take advantage of its features, at least there is no internal purchases yet, but this version is an early version, the developers promise to update the app weekly, even up to parity features with the operating system iOS and maybe see purchases in these features.

Finally if you want to experience a Envision of AI and its success, you can get it by going to his page on the store Google Play, supports Android 5.0 the latest.

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