New applications: FV File Explorer File Manager Powerful on Android

FV File Explorer is a city Explorer files new for Android users it is designed to focus on the file manager only.

جديد التطبيقات: FV File Explorer مدير ملفات قوي على أندرويدNew applications: FVFileExplorer

Despite having a file manager by default with every Android phone, but the Google Play Store write applications file manager, and fortunately, most of these apps are usually better than the default tool, the FV File Explorer one of the new applications in this area,

You can define a new app, that is a file explorer and new to the Android system was designed to focus on the file manager only.

This means that the app requires no permissions or access to use it, this is the opposite of the file manager and rich from the definition of ES File Explorer, so if you are looking for Explorer files without ornament and without requesting a lot of permissions, it is certain that the FV File Explorer is worth the experience, that includes more than 100 feature or tool as indicated by his page on the App Store.

Finally, a file manager available on the Google Play Store for free and full for Android users, that supports version 4.1 latest system, which is coming in the size of 16 MB only.

Download app FV FileExplorer on the Google Play Store

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