New applications: Privacy Browser browser comes browsing private by default on Android

Privacy Browser is a new browser available for Android users, however, can move to private initiative.

جديد التطبيقات: Privacy Browser متصفّح يأتي بالتصفّح الخاص افتراضيًا على أندرويدNew applications: PrivacyBrowser browser comes browsing private by default on Android

There are many web browsers on mobile phones, the majority of users looking for the browser of popular the likes of Chrome and Firefox and Safari and others, but this does not prevent the experience of the New, where instead there are dozens of browsers next the unique advantages, so they may take advantage of its Chrome browser, one of these browsers is Privacy Browser and exclusively for Android users.

Where what distinguishes this browser really, is privacy policy automatic, by the Prohibition of a wide range of tracker and site common without adjusting any settings, as well as erase the record, and not save any password or any cookies and the like.

One of the features of other browser, act fast, as it requires less data to load pages, thanks for adblock, and more importantly, keep your browsers private anonymous at any time you want to browse the internet.

It also comes Privacy Browser size not 85 MB, and this helps the speed of loading pages, and does not stop at this limit, where you can add web sites through the list of recommendations or by entering a custom url, there is a translation feature for over 40 languages, the tool-text search, font size adjustment, switch between search engines and much more.

Finally, browser-Privacy Browser is available to download for free and full Google Play Store, you need to download be your device is running Android 5.0 the latest.

Download browser Privacy Browser on Android.

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