New applications Swoot: the application of a podcast social for Android users

جديد التطبيقات Swoot: تطبيق بودكاست اجتماعي لمستخدمي أندرويد

Over the last few years, we hear the applications of the podcast a lot, which is called several names such as searching or blogging voice or pimples, sinus, and anyone who doesn’t know is a podcast, very briefly is a voice program my radio, people, regardless of their influence, so they are asking the topics related to all aspects of life, these topics are recorded and published on the internet, in return, listeners can subscribe and download new episodes automatically as soon as you connect to the internet.

Application Swoot this newest applications in this area, available exclusively for Android users, and by the way, this app from the makers of the other app and rich from the definition HipChat, generally in relation to the application of Swoot is a podcast social designed to encourage discovery podcast by watching the favorite programs with friends and acquaintances.

Here’s the application supports the possibility of login accounts for Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to find people you know at the same time, friends are using the app, and finally there is the case of negative single in the app, and the inability currently to turn off your record of the year, but as pointed out Team app that addressing the problem will be in the next update.

Now, if you’re interested, you can download the application Swoot free and in full from here, and that does not support any ads or any internal purchases, which works on Android 5.0 the latest.

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