New applications: the Marvel Hero Tales is an educational app for children

Marvel Hero Tales

Announced Kuato Studios has launched its new Marvel Hero Tales, which can be defined as the application of educational storytelling aims to promote reading and writing for children (from age 7 to 11 years), and structured application about Marvel characters famous, to be important to the child telling stories to a select group of words, with his support create the story of a superhero of their own in order to develop and improve their vocabulary.

Without it, however the initial launch of the, there is only a person, two can be chosen, namely Ms. Marvel and Spiderman, although it is planning for more characters in the future, to be personality Marvel is personal which you can play for free and to win first, and later chapters will have a monthly subscription which costs about 1.99$.

Marvel Hero Tales

Finally, like many of the educational apps, you will conduct the majority of the content like the game so that it can be development between the characters through their surroundings to get to the main points that lets you jump to words games, and each game will choose mainly among three words for compilation logical order with the phrase displayed at the top of the screen, then once the round ends, the child or player to demonstrate his understanding of the meaning of words by dragging them and dropping on their synonyms, and then collected these words to be used by the player with the aim of writing my story.

Download application Marvel Hero Tales of the here.

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