New BlackBerry phones with physical keyboards and support for 5G coming next year


It's not over for BlackBerry, the brand may have split from TCL at the end of this month, but it looks like a new company will take over. Today, OnwardMobility announced a partnership with BlackBerry and FIH Mobile to develop new BlackBerry-branded smartphones for launch next year.

And not just any phones, but those that have a physical keyboard and support 5G networks. As always, safety will be at the heart of the design. BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, said: “We are excited that customers will experience the security that is being provided to enterprises, governments and mobile productivity on the new BlackBerry 5G phones.”

Regarding this partnership, analyst Jack Gold said: “With the rapid arrival of 5G networks to the market, and increased competition, this will result in the upgrade of mobile devices hardware, the proliferation of applications that improve productivity, and the distribution of proven and highly secure products such as BlackBerry 5G devices in enterprises, governments and industries. The organization is like the financial or legal industries, and this is a critical task. ”

Therefore, consumers may not generally be the target customers of the new BlackBerry 5G phones, but governments and companies that deal with sensitive and extremely valuable data.

The new BlackBerry 5G phones with a physical keyboard will be available in North America and Europe. As everyone can expect, these new smartphones will run on the Android system, given that the Blackberry company abandoned its operating system several years ago.

OnwardMobility is currently based in the USA and has been working on security-focused mobile software since its inception in 2008. The current CEO of the company, Mr. Peter Franklin, previously worked at Microsoft and Zynga. The rest of the executive team has a lot of experience in the world of smartphones and major tech companies as well.


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