New blow for Samsung accused of demanding that the head of its board of directors

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You know the president of the board of management of the Korean company Samsung, Lee Sang-hwa, who took this post a little while ago last March, the accusations about his role in spoiling and ruining the role of the trade unions, which it considered prosecution in South Korea an outright violation of labour laws in the country according to the Financial Times.

In the memorandum, the prosecution alleged that Samsung pursues a zero tolerance policy with trade unions and try to suppress them in ways that are not legal, where to read 300 only employee of the company staff, numbering 200.000 practicing a role in the organization of Labor, the chairman will continue this charge with 30 of executive positions at Samsung and its affiliates, where do you think these charges today. an extension of a long series of trials to executive positions since the bribery scandal that rocked the largest post in the state when Lost president of the country office and sentenced to imprisonment for 24 years.

Includes a charge-sheet measure responsible the in Samsung the threat of reduced wages of employees who prove their work in one of the union areas of Labour, coincided the new charges against the company with the time it was released, its former vice president who was imprisoned on the grounds of bribing the president of the country.

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