New car pricing days in some states : is the benefit of Egypt

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سياسة جديدة لتسعير الايفون في بعض الدول : هل تستفيد منها مصرNew car pricing days in some states : is the benefit of Egypt

New car pricing days in some states : is the benefit of Egypt

Tim Cook announced the head of the company Apple executive that the company is providing new car pricing phones the faith in some markets, including the Chinese market, which led to sales decline of faith in him to direct impact on the revenue of the company.

The Apple TV on the results of its financial report, the first for the year 2019 , a report which saw revenue decline phones faith increased by 15% year on year .

Tim Cook said in an interview with Reuters that the economic weakness hurt Chinese sales of faith in the country, so it makes sense to try to make the product available at reasonable prices to increase sales, Cook said it must apply the strategy in other countries, not only in China, but he did not hear her.

The Egyptian government may face in December last ultimatum to Apple because of the skyrocketing prices for phones faith in the country is about the principle of competition, where the Company expressly prohibits the agents to deal with the giant Next Door.

Cook explained that with the volatility of the main currency, particularly those that weakened against the dollar in the past year or so, the price of faith in these markets over much of the United States or countries with currencies stable.

He added : We decided to return to what commensurate with the local price that we were expecting her a year ago hoping to help sales in those areas.

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