New Chrome 70 with picture-in-Picture Picture-in-Picture


Latest version of Google Chrome browser to your Windows desktops came Palmer that we see the task of pretty much Picture-in-Picture which allows you to play the videos window floating without the use of plus which supports this feature.

Water is beneficial and useful for likes to watch the videos and hold on to pure windows in an active state to continue in the follow-up to surf the internet where they will see the video window floating in the foreground to take over all windows with the possibility of identifying the subject on the computer screen. And then continue to work and surf the internet.

To get this feature Picture-in-Picture you must first update Google Chrome browser to version mentioned number 70, in case you haven’t left the browser with this update, by default you have to do it manually or check the number of friends.

Head to the bar top browser to where the three points are vertical. Including the go to Help then About google chrome.
Will appear here number the current version is mostly No. 69. Will the browser automatically search for updates and download it automatically. Linda sent a letter stating the need to restart the browser.

When it will find you in front of friends 70 listed in our theme here.

How to get Feature Picture-in-Picture

  • Go to YouTube or any site displays the video, not necessarily YouTube.
  • Run the video Play and then the pressure Bimini mouse on the video twice in a row. How do I pressure Bimini mouse once will appear with a black window belonging to the video solution which can copy the link to the video.
  • Required here click Bimini mouse twice to show the browser window the White. Which we will find among its options Picture-in-Picture as in the photo here.
  • When displaying the floating window of the video you hold on to your tab with the video and the window just floating , and then continue to surf the internet and watch a video at one time.

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New Chrome 70 with picture-in-Picture Picture-in-Picture

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