New colors of Huawei phone P30 Pro hours Watch GT 2 up to UAE

Group announced the Huawei Consumer Business about asking her smart phone for Huawei P30 Pro Color two new, in addition to the H Huawei Watch GT 2 with a diameter of 42 mm, in the UAE.

The phone Huawei P30 Pro standards collective of smart phones, where it joins the blue wavy Mystic Blue, Purple, Misty Lavender to the list of colors of this series that has the look sleek assets and complete its force and its innovative, which provides a whole bunch of improvements to the modern amazing.

Will be the user interface EMUI 10 new available for users of phones Huawei P30 Pro new when updated, will be supported by a package of the latest benefits to provide them with the finest experiences of intelligent life besides the experiences of photography unprecedented.

The phones Huawei P30 Pro with her new for pre-order as of the date of December 15, while Will H Huawei Watch GT 2 with a diameter of 42 millimeters for pre-order as of the date of December 12, the House will be put in the stores on 19 December.

The design of the new collective

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Is my phone the Huawei P30 Pro its colors from nature to provide users colored two new color blue wavy Mystic Blue, Purple, Misty Lavender to give users more options.

And inspired by the blue wavy Mystic Blue distinguish it from the image of the fish on the water, while little purple Misty Lavender charm of the beaches at sunset.

Recommended every two-color combination of finishes and the gleaming party to provide a rich visual effects on the phone, as well as protect it from the impact of fingerprints and reduce the risk of it crashing.

The phone design that blends practicality with elegant appearance, the aesthetic standards high while providing experience of using the peerless.

Still smartphone flagship with the powerful camera

Achieved phone Huawei P30 Pro wide acclaim thanks to his strength and all his super quartet Super Leica the Leica accurately 40 megapixel.

The phone features lens super zoom up to 50 times, with the potential to capture unprecedented visuals in low light conditions, the phone also offers a bunch of additional features that make it a perfect choice.

Offers Shooting Mode Night Portrait selfie the possibility to capture amazing images for the front camera in low light conditions, as the volatility this feature of the brightness of the light sources in the background, and thus actively contribute to the improvement of other details to get the selfie stick the most accurate at night.

Include a list of other improved features Huawei Vlog which is based on artificial intelligence techniques to assist in editing videos, creating videos for publication on the internet sites integrated with music and different effects, in addition to style photography portraiture superior that you add blur effects professional stand out the main subject to change.

The user interface EMUI 10 Lifestyle smart

Based on the advantages of smart, designed the user interface EMUI 10 to provide experiences to use smarter, the new user interface for users to experience intelligent, more accurate and efficient for all scenarios and purposes of the use of design-based research related to the human factor.

One of the primary advantages of the user interface EMUI 10 with the display on several screens, while strengthening the supply system for wireless local connectivity between the systems of windows and Android, and connect your phone with your computer with one mouse click via the button connected to the near-term (NFC), where the screen is displayed the phone to the computer directly, allowing users to work using the external accessories.

And the displays on both the phone and the case separately, what opens the door wide to share data between both systems.

Through this feature, users can now drag and drop images, files, videos, documents etc between computers and phones immediately. Users can when you edit the documents on the case, for example, drag and drop images from the phone, and then share the document the ultimate cross-platform messaging quick on the phone.

Moreover, the user interface EMUI 10 advantage of the situation dark police Dark Mode Unique of its kind, which works to improve the levels of contrast and colors to provide the experience comfortable use in different usage scenarios.

It is also possible to add the feature of dark mode for the Dark Mode to the third-party apps, allowing users the opportunity to choose to put the dark color or regular independently in each application without any interruption.

Also offer user interface EMUI 10 experience more comfortable and smooth through the presentation of the new council, and associated this pattern with the contacts, settings, and notepad applications, image display, allowing greater ease in dealing with the provision of the best ratings for applications.

In hours Huawei Watch GT 2 with a diameter of 42 stylish

Hour Huawei Watch GT 2 with a diameter of 42 millimeters their unique appearance from the previous generation with a more aesthetic standards thanks to the screen full width design, which is devoid of dialogue.

The design of the glass integrated triangular dimensions of the wider screen display, while it lends the design of the glass curved triangular dimensions appearance full of vitality on the coast.

And provide hours Huawei Watch GT 2 measuring 42 millimeters processor Kirin A1 by Huawei dedicated for wearable devices, which provides easy, stable, and larger in the direction with lower power consumption offers the possibility to run continuously for up to one week.

As the implementation of the previous wide range of health benefits that is integrated with the functionality developed to monitor heart rate, monitor sleep, stress, and a 15-position sporting a different include the use of machines, aerobics, and canoeing.

The characteristic H Huawei Watch GT 2 as a tool to help recognize the validity of the user throughout the day thanks to a range of functions to measure your heart rate and behaviors of sleep and control stress.

Pricing and availability

Available phones Huawei P30 Pro blue wavy Mystic Blue, Purple, Misty Lavender with a capacity of 8 GB and 128 GB for pre-order starting on December 15, to available at stores the customer experience from Huawei, and a selection of retail stores by 19 December at a price 2299 AED.

With all the process prior request for Huawei P30 Pro blue wavy Mystic Blue, users on the portfolio of the protection of the phone folding of Huawei Huawei Smart Flip Cover, as with every pre-order for Huawei P30 Pro in purple Misty Lavender will carry the user to the portfolio of Huawei P30 Pro decorated with Swarovski crystal charming .

Also available hours Huawei Watch GT 2 with a diameter of 42 millimeters for purchase via pre-order on 12 December, to be available by 19 October in the museums of the customer experience from Huawei, and a selection of retail stores at a starting price of 749 AED.

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