New details about Apple Arcade

In March of this year Apple announced to a wide audience, an unusual service – Apple gaming platform Arcade. The company intends to revive the gaming industry by providing access to only the most high quality and premium games. To achieve this goal, Apple has invested in the project more than $ 500 million. What else is known about Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade on the way

According to insiders familiar with the plans of the Corporation, the release of Apple Arcade is closer than ever — the company began testing the service among its employees.

Posters with the game on the main page Apple Arcade

Currently, Apple offers its employees with one month free subscription. In the future, the subscription price will be only 0.49 USD (30 rubles) per month.

Unfortunately, the cost of access to the Apple of Arcade for everyday users remains unknown. How long do you think it will cost a subscription? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

Card game Apple Arcade

In concept Arcade is very similar to the Apple App Store. Each game has its own card, description, screenshots and reviews. In-app purchases and no advertising.

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At the moment, the service provides access to only 10 games. Most of the gaming applications is still at the stage of finalization.

It is noteworthy that the publishers are developing games are not alone. Apple experts are actively helping with the optimization and adaptation of game engines. All this is necessary so the game was going smoothly on any platform, whether iOS, Mac or tvOS.

At the moment Apple cooperates with many famous designers. In the record there are already publishers such as Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Devolver, Disney, Gameloft, Klei Entertainment, Konami, Lego, Sega and many others.

When will Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade will be launched in the fall of 2019. More there is no exact date, although some insiders believe the service will be available to all in October. At the time of launch the gaming platform will offer users more than 100 exclusive games.

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