New details about the new Microsoft operating system WINDOWS 10X

Spotted today official documents with Microsoft via WalkingCat, which revealed new details about the operating system the software giant’s new WINDOWS 10X.

Microsoft has provided the WINDOWS operating system 10X recently during the events of the conference, the latter, which comes to support the extended hardware company Double soon, and today revealed more details about this system.

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Microsoft unveiled in its conference The Last of all of the Surface devices Duo surface Neo, with the Windows operating system 10X which comes to this category of devices.

The Windows 10X to support devices with dual screen mainly, and today confirmed new details of the company that this system will also support laptops.

From another side confirmed the leaks on to the Windows operating system 10X would not target tablet devices mainly characterized by the interface system, the experience combines traditional business operating system Microsoft with the taskbar to the left of the screen, with some new changes in the taskbar icons and some other changes.

Include to this the reality will enter your Surface Neo, for example, in developing the laptop, with Outlook to provide the software giant factors and tools to achieve the full advantage of the features of the interface Windows 10X.

Also reveal leaks about some changes in the Start menu in Windows 10X, which would be of Microsoft in the new system, entitled One, Where can the list start to let the user experience seamless access to the search results on the internet, or access to the applications and programs loaded on the device is fast, also scheduled to come existing higher standards for documentation and protection of the device which will be surely on the technique of Windows Hello Face of Microsoft.

It also includes a Windows operating system 10X improvements in the application of Modern File Explorer new, which is based on the standards of the UWP, it is also provided that supports the experience of the best in the young actress with multi-touch to access Office 365 documentation.

Also come to the OneDrive experience clear and smooth, with a range of improvements to the Department of Quick Settings and Control Center, is expected to witness the performance of the Windows 10X with the launch of Microsoft’s device to the network dual Surface Neo next year.


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