New details of the fast charger box iPhone 2018

Systems allow rapid charging of the various named their charge mobile devices faster than usual, it has been reported before that the fast charger will come in a box iPhone 2018.

For iPhone 8 and 8 plus X vader lemon express shipping already, but it requires buying a plug 29 watts to achieve 50% of the shipping in 30 minutes, it is true that you can buy coming from Apple or from a third party, it makes the cable lightning the only Apple TV that was available at the price of 25$ and is now priced at$ 19, which suggests changes in Fund iPhones 2018 as he pleases.

Source Japanese confirmed earlier reports today, citing local suppliers, saying that Apple will continue to plug for charging the 18 watt in boxes iPhones 2018, and will not sell its CSR separately, where the application of the factories provided the design fits the boxes only.

The who wanted to buy the plug for fast charging then you have no choice 29 watts provided by Apple for sale currently, as I don’t know the capacity of the charger 18 watts compared to the charger 29 watts yet, so we’ll be back later when his experience on the TIC-Foy, the right what to monitor source.

Source: Macotakara & Chongdiantou

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