New details of the recent accident Tesla Model S: autopilot worked, the driver looked at the smartphone

Recently we told you about a new accident involving a Tesla Model S. Then the car at the speed of 95 kilometers per hour crashed into a fire truck that was stopped at a red light. We didn’t know all the details, but even then, the news aroused heated discussion on our website. Today we know a lot more about this incident.

The main question that excited to learn about this accident: did the autopilot Tesla during the incident. The case attracted the attention of the National highway Safety Administration. This Federal Agency has sent a team to investigate the circumstances of the accident. It became known that the 28-year-old driver of the car Tesla Model S was not driving the car yourself. The autopilot was working at the time as the driver looked at the screen of his phone.

At the moment the National Council for transport safety investigated four cases of collision with the cars Tesla. News of these collisions create the most favorable reputation around the company Elon musk, but it should be noted that the autopilot function is semi-Autonomous. The quality of its work may depend on road and weather conditions. For this reason, from the driver requires maximum attention while driving. Autopilot Tesla is not designed for fully Autonomous operation without driver intervention.

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