New development increases the risk of technique-counterfeiting smart deepfake

Article prepared by: Mohammed Laarebi, from the Code Lab.

Usually the technique of counterfeiting smartphone or “Deepfake” to top the most important news this week again with the innovation Samsung last, but by the detail in it, a definition first this technique.

Counterfeit smart or “Deepfake” techniques “image processing of human reliance on artificial intelligence“, they only increase the latter’s ability to address a large number of photos and videos used to the technique of “rebate network the obstetric” or “network generating liabilities” in English, “generative adversarial network” which add to the possibility of learning from each processing you make, which is called programming by introducing additional modifications to the images and videos so that may up to change the face of the person of another, real or fictional, or even the revival of the sound. Which is what the successful individuals and companies, whom exceeded the limits of the moral and some of them required the boundaries of fun and innovation.

And participated by the Korean company Samsung, could be dismissed as a quantum leap in this area, the regular programs typically need to analyze thousands of images and videos of the target person before to be a picture or a fake to him, unlike the Samsung, which is enough, his analysis of photos and visual variety though not the specific victim in order to constitute a template that can be adopted to bring about the required change then the theme of the image of the target person on it.

The announcement by Samsung of the latter, has been the topic of discussion, especially with the absence of any Arsenal legal to legalize the use of this technique and the presence of doubt in the adequacy of laws alone originally. Included is the list of the victims of counterfeiting, smart or “Deepfake” in her copy of the primary until now, private persons and representatives of politicians, which is what surrounds the possibility of causing problems between the state and the spread of false news through social media, which is still unable to deal with the false news regular let alone in the in videos that are difficult to disperse the real ones from the fake.

Video produced using technology developed by Samsung is still unable to fool the human brain to use with the features of humanity without distinction of their characteristics, and their partners to focus on the moving parts only, which can be seen from the result of the converted image of the American actress “Marilyn Monroe” to the Motion Picture and ignored the creator of that distinguished her on the cheek.

Counterfeit smart

But this does not detract something which in his language Samsung it emphasizes on the speed of technical evolution and uses of the grave that prompted the U.S. government like to contract with the research group “SRI International” non-profit to find ways to discover the sacred site of counterfeit by the counterfeit smart or “Deepfake”.

How is the world to legalize the use of counterfeit smart? And how not to take advantage of them without posing them harm?


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