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According to the new message, developing the Android operating system, Google announces in 2018 a whole new range of devices. And, in this case, we are not talking about smartphones. Some of the characteristics of one of them — very unusual — were considered in the Network.

The first smart displays (Smart Displays) recently entered the market earlier and has already been considered. At CES was announced and the other devices of this relatively new category and are waiting for their debut in the fall. Of course about the device “Made by Google” it was a lot of rumors. According to a new message addressed to Abner Lee (Abner Li) on the resource page with reference to the Nikkei, Google is going to introduce its own smart column with the screen. The company plans, as noted, put about 3 million units of the first issue.

Smart display Google — some of the characteristics?

Among other characteristics have not yet seen the light of the new camera on the front panel, two microphones, and screen size corresponding to the 10-inch device from Lenovo or even a bit more. It is also believed that the novelty will be equipped with its own battery so as not to need a power source.

The new message did not disclose the details of the functionality of the smart display. However, it is likely to be similar to the typical capabilities of modern smart displays, including support for voice commands, video playback from YouTube and more. Reportedly, it will be manufactured in Taiwan company Pegatron.

Google will delight in 2018, also with tablet with keyboard and Pixelbook 2?

Producer of most of the other speakers Home is the Quanta. Nikkei also notes that Google is working with Quanta (manufacturer Pixel C and Pixelbook) over the “tablet”, which will see the light later this year.

Given that Google has focused on porting Android apps to the Chromebook, the possibility exists that the new message relates to devices and as a tablet and as a laptop operating system which will be Chrome OS and not Android. In addition, according to rumors, Pixelbook 2 this year also debuts.

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