New diversion ” confirms ” that he will not be the launch phone the Google Pixel 4 months before next October

Google Pixel 4

It seems that the company Google was sick of the leaks relating to the phone its next flagship Google Pixel 4, so I decided to put an end to it by posting a picture of this phone in the calculation of its official on the Twitter network. Although she didn’t say anything about the release date, however, there are some reports that mentioned that the flagship phone the next Google will be released before the usual time frame, which is the month of October next. However, we got today on the new infusion confirms that this is not the case.

In fact, he made the boat famous American Evan Blass aka fame evleaks posted a photo calendar marketing my own company, American Communications Verizon network Twitter, a calendar that clearly indicates that it is scheduled to be launched phone the Google Pixel 4 in the month of October next. In fact, this is the time that reveals where Google mostly for its new smartphones, so the company will be held as usual on this front.

It’s speculated that Google Inc. has published the official photo of the painting for its next flagship Google Pixel 4 because they are determined to launch this phone early this year, perhaps even before the arrival of phones the new iPhone in September, but a new shopping disproves that, although Google itself didn’t say anything about the launch date of the Google Pixel 4.


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