New diversion proposed to the advent of the phone Galaxy S11 with a screen rate refresh 120Hz

Galaxy S10+

Did the Chinese warrior famous IceUniverse posted a photo of the list hidden in the South Korean version of the update Samsung One UI 2.0 custom demo of the phone Galaxy Note 9.

The menu contains three options for how to use the advantage of 120Hz. Someone left the screen at 60Hz, and the other keeping it at 120Hz, and the other activates the feature of 120Hz and automatically switches to and from 60Hz. Can the screen of 120Hz that provides a sense of very smooth to enhance the user experience. The downside is the extra power required to push all those frames.

It was Razer’s first manufacturer to use the screen to 120Hz on her smart phone ad-hoc games. Since then, phones games used update rates higher to improve the gaming experience on these phones. I used the company OnePlus this year screen the refresh rate 90Hz in the phone OnePlus 7, and Huawei the same thing with the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Prepare a tea with the refresh rate associated with the portable devices a new topic in the smart phone market, but is there a demand high?

To return to the Galaxy S11, we heard rumors to the effect that the latter will screen SAMOLED with a new slim frame, battery with a capacity of 3720mAh. Moreover, it has been said also that it will come with three different sizes of intervention and to five models in total including those that support 5G networks.

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