New download method to app library directly on iPhone

One of the most prominent advantages of iOS 14 is the application library, where applications can be collected in a new home screen called the Applications Library. It is distinguished that you can organize applications into sections automatically, such as the social media section, the entertainment section and the creativity section, and this feature allows you to place your favorite applications on the first home screens And organize its shape.

But the problem is that when you download a new application that appears in the empty places on the first main screen and then the second, and therefore if you download a batch of applications once, it can corrupt the organization of the home screens, and so here, we inform you about a new setting that you will find on the iPhone after the iOS 14 update that allows placing applications New directly in the application library.

Download applications to the application library in iPhone

Open Settings app on iPhone.

مكتبة التطبيقات

Swipe down and enter the home screen.

طريقة التحميل الجديدة إلى مكتبة التطبيقات مباشرة على آيفون

Under the New App Downloads section, choose App Library only, instead of Add to Home Screen.

طريقة التحميل الجديدة إلى مكتبة التطبيقات مباشرة على آيفون

That's it! So in the future, when you download a new application, it will be added automatically to its own section in the application library, to keep your home screen as it is .. If you decide that you want to download the applications to the main screen as you did, you can follow the same steps described above and choose Add to Home screen in the last step.

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