New drain: can Bitcoin fall to $ 1,000?

In an interview with CNBC analyst Jim Cramer said that the main cryptocurrency has already reached its maximum value. Then it waits for gradual decline to new support levels. It is noteworthy that the first of June it predicted growth of Bitcoin to a million dollars. This writes NewsBTC.

When Bitcoin will stop falling

The fall of the stock market capitalization below $ 200 billion made nervous many investors. However, the cryptocurrency is already more than half this amount.

This event affected even the master of the show Mad Money Jim Cramer. He denied his bullish Outlook and this time put Bitcoin in a negative light.

I think the news are not playing into the hands of the cryptocurrency. I’m not saying that their time has come and gone, but I guess the sun already sits down over them.

A few days ago, Cramer was interviewing the CEO of CyberArk UDI Mokady. Then the visitor Mad Money said that the major catalyst of demand for Bitcoin was the illegal activities of fraudsters.

Most hackers now demanding a “fee” in bitcoin. The victims buy the cryptocurrency to pay a ransom to the extortionists.

We will remind, in June Jim Cramer agreed with the statements of the CEO of Business Insider, Henry Blodgett, who predicted the rise of Bitcoin to a million dollars. Now leading Mad Money completely confident that cryptocurrency is unlikely to reach at least proshlogodnie high. Kramer says about a possible decline Bitcoin to 800 or 1000 dollars.

Analyst Willy Wu do not agree with the bearish scenario in the long term. In his opinion, the sharp discharge of Bitcoin will be followed by a new wave of growth.

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