New evidence ” confirms ” the coming of the Galaxy S10 with the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen


We have heard in the past period many of the rumors that suggested that Samsung decided to embed the sensor fingerprint in the screens of the two phones Galaxy S10 +and Galaxy S10. And now, here we are with another guide confirms what has been traded in the last period on a fingerprint sensor built-in phone screen Galaxy S10.

In fact, I’ve been slicing so to speak source code to develop payment Samsung Pay by the developers in the XDA forum Developers and they succeeded in monitoring of the phrase “in-display FP scanner”. And, apparently, when you choose the payment through the app, you will receive a popup window asking for the security mechanism that you use of between the security mechanisms available which include a PIN or sensor of the fingerprint, to confirm the payment process. In the case if you choose to Sensor fingerprint, you’ll orphan the offset of this window to pop up towards the top to make room to put your finger on the screen to read the fingerprint. Currently, the available options are the PIN or the reader of the iris of the eye, but we already know that Samsung intends to delete the reader and the iris of the eye in the Galaxy S10.

In the case if the leaks and rumors the former is true, it is supposed to come phones Galaxy S10 and +Galaxy S10 with the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen of the ultrasound, while coming phone Galaxy S10E with sensor fingerprint in the side like many of the phones Xperia from Sony. Generally, we’ll check everything when Samsung will remove the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series new in an event that will be held by the company on February 20 in San Francisco.


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