New evidence hints for the coming of the next-generation iPhone with the USB Type-C instead of Lightning


Had been circulating a rumor since a long time that Apple would abandon the port Lightning of its own in favor of USB Type-C in iPhone, it seems that 2019 will be the year that will be achieved in this rumor.

The latest thing indicates that it will be achieved in the near future is the screen of the recovery in the trial version of the iOS system 13, a screen which show USB cable Type-C oriented laptop instead of cable Lightning directed towards iTunes. In the case if Apple did, we wouldn’t be surprised because the company decided to actually get rid of the port to Lightning for USB Type-C in the tablet of the iPad Pro because the latter position allows the company rapid access to a large range of accessories.

It would be logical for phones iPhone New coming in the second half of this year to adopt USB Type-C instead of a separate Lightning for fast charging unit. Keep in mind that Apple reap the money from the sale of the Lightning to third party companies specialized in accessories industry, so it’s unlikely to make a selection iPhone move completely to USB Type-C.

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