New evidence suggesting approaching the Launch Date of the smart speaker Apple HomePod

Apple’s HomePod

Smart speaker Apple HomePod is coming soon and will not be subject to further delay. As you probably know, it has been officially announced this device in the fifth day of the month of June last year, was supposed to be released in the market in the month of last December, but decided to Apple in the end to postpone the launch to early 2018. Well, I’ve now been monitoring the Apple device HomePod receives authentication to the FCC! FCC, this is what alludes to the impending launch of this device.

In fact, this is in line with the report, which was released a few days ago, which hinted that Apple got the first instalment of the Apple device HomePod from company Inventec, a company that teamed up with Apple to oversee the manufacture of this device. Should be up an Apple device HomePod new beginning to all of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, to say the least.

Apple HomePod is the response of Apple to the smart speakers available in the market today such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but in the latter two come with the digital assistant Alexa and Google Assistant, respectively, the Apple device HomePod comes with the digital assistant Siri. When announced by Apple, stated that Apple device HomePod features seven loudspeakers distributed on the perimeter of the device, as well as six microphones to far-reaching to make Siri able to receive voice commands to users from afar.

Generally, when Apple announced about the smart speaker Apple HomePod company explained that this device customers will be the$ 349 and will be available in white and gray only.



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