New evidence suggesting that Apple has registered a range of new products to launch soon

MacBook Pro 13 2019

If you are thinking about buying your iPad or iPhone or Apple Watch or MacBook new, you may want to postpone it until the following month or so. This is because according to the information monitored by the newly in the database of the Economic Commission of the Eurasian, it appears that Apple has submitted a request to facilitate a range of new products, which indicates that the company Apple can improve some of their products soon.

The beginning of the MacBook, the Apple report 11 a request associated with ” laptops “. If you remember, it was Apple have been recorded by some of the models have the Eurasian Economic Commission, but the new data reveal four new models at least it is A1466 and A1932 and A1989 and A1990. This brings the total number of computers MacBook recorded to 11, although this does not mean that there will be 11 different models of computers MacBook, but these are different versions of computers and MacBooks.

It was also the submission of applications for the Smart Watch Apple Watch, which is supposedly dedicated to models of the Apple Watch Series 5 various, which include A1858 and A1859 and A1975 and A1976 and A1977 and A1978 and A2007 and A2008 and A2092 and A2092 and A2093 and A2156 and A2157. It seems that there are also hints to the coming of new models of the iPod Touch which has been updated earlier this year, and the iPhone and iPad.

There is no information about the expected date to launch all these products, but there are rumors about the possible launch in September, so maybe we won’t have to wait longer, although we expect to wait a little longer to see the new models of MacBook or iPad.

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