New expectations the launch of the Galaxy Fold during the month of July

Noted an executive from Samsung that the Korean giant is on its way to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold perspective during the month of July next.

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Still plans Korean giant to launch its first release of phones collapsible list so far, as pointed out by one of the officials of Samsung that the company is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold to the markets during the month of July next.

Has been postponed the launch and shipment of the Galaxy Fold officially to market to more of a date, after the emergence of the problem of the screen in units of inspection for the phone, only that the statements of the official Samsung confirming the expiry of the Korean giant of reform and to address the problem that appeared in the units the preview is getting ready to launch the phone in global markets.

Recall that the projections indicate that Samsung will be more than a conference in different markets around the world to launch the phone, with expectations of more details about the phone during the conference to be held in the month of July next.


I know of

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