New features in augmented reality on iOS 12 get to know them

Maybe it wasn’t augmented reality relevant for most users of the iPhone in the past. All of them a time or two just to satisfy his curiosity and act on that new technology. The owner of that trade a lot of complaints on the head heat high for the device, and fast access to the battery case of the use of that technique. We also know that augmented reality technology is still in progress. And with each new version Apple intervention improvements and new features. Even the version of the library ARKit 2.0, Apple has said the launch of new features in iOS 12 private AR en in order to satisfy these users and make use of them much larger than before. The mouth of the new augmented reality technology in iOS is 12? Continued with us.

مميزات جديدة في الواقع المعزز على iOS 12 تعرف عليها

Were included the application of Measure to measure things

The launch of several applications that support the tools default to measure things in the real world synced with the launch of augmented reality technology for the first time, but made Apple TV application to Measure the new and most accurate in measuring things. The fact this application and his ilk from third-party applications to make the users begin to estimate the technical ones. It uses the application of the Measure of augmented reality to quickly check on the size of the objects in the real world, and works in a manner similar to the measurement. This new application offers automatically the measurements of objects such as picture frames, paintings and banners, as it can provide measurements of the diameter of the measuring space, and allows users to capture images and share them with the precise measurements of an iPhone or an iPad directly.

Requires the application of Measure pack ARKit 2.0 only supports devices running iOS 12 supporting augmented reality the beginning of the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro or iPad 2017 and newer equipment.

Players can play with others

There is a new feature called shared experiences make augmented reality on iOS devices more attractive, as they allow multiple users to play games or collaborate on projects such as renovation of home decor. Developers can also add style watch, which offers friends and relatives the possibility to enjoy the realistic game booster from your iOS device different.

Don’t expect apps or games many from this area. We hope that developers integrate this feature in our favorite games. In the conference Apple’s last WWDC 2018 is detected that property on the game Galaga.

Galaga Wars


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Size143.6 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Discover three-dimensional objects

In the beginning it wasn’t written ARKit 2.0 supporting this feature, but Apple support it in iOS 12 and became augmented reality apps are able to discover things such as the couch and the information, and you can customize them and what you want. For example, if you use a special application to trade, if you guide your camera on a photo or painting you may be able to offer a library that contains all the paintings and inventions disclosed those pictures. You can also do that with books and posters.

A significant improvement in face tracking

When you use feature augmented reality in social networking applications Snapchat and Messages and FaceTime, the filters augmented reality works much better than the previous, and through the feature of motion tracking enhanced in iOS 12 can recognize the form and nudge innuendo and out the tongue, etc. It does not apply those features only on the iPhone X and newer equipment.

Ongoing trials

Similar to the shared experiences, augmented reality continuous or ongoing trials. The sense that you can do something in an application that supports augmented reality and virtual objects in place, you will be able to see it later in the same place and then complete your tasks, it can be a user or more that begins to dissolve in Basel on the table and return to find it as it was, or users can devise an art project for weeks without having to start up every time.

Virtual objects more realistic

Now there is support for reflection, bringing the scene closer to real life through the discovery of three-dimensional objects and their implications in real-life objects in the virtual reality automatically like a shadow reflection on the wall or in the mirror. Thus become an experience of augmented reality a combination of the more realistic of the worlds of reality and virtual.

Feature en Quick Look or preview works in the Apple App

Easy iOS 12 enjoy the experience of augmented reality in almost any place in iOS, in apps like Mail, Messages and Safari to view the content or GIFs quickly and interact with them in your environment. This means that you can register on the internet sites in Safari without having to download another application dedicated.

Name more

In iOS 11.3 Apple launched the 4 of money just in addition to 12 previously. Apple launched its also 4 new characters in the iOS 12 a tiger’s stealth and koalas and dinosaurs T-Rex. Money supports iPhone X and newer. It became more interactive than ever before.

What do you think of the new features in augmented reality on iOS is 12? And how you use that technology? Tell us in the comments.


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