New features in Safari in iOS 13

Yesterday was the release of iOS 13, posted the devices running this operating system many new features and additions, designed to improve the user experience, but also countless useful, but subtle changes that are not immediately even notice. For example, have seriously updated browser Safari, one step closer to desktop functionality. But the new downloads folder, and improved support for sites — not all developers are pleased. In the new version of the app brought a new panel of settings and options, fonts for reading mode and more.

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The contents

The settings panel for Safari

The home page of popular website

Access to the new panel settings of Safari is carried out using the new button located to the left in the address bar, and looks like the icon aA. From this menu you can configure the page size, increasing the text, up to 200% increase in page will fit the width of the screen.

It looks like the increase of the web page in Safari

When you navigate to another page, the previous settings are saved, so if the font seemed too small and had to zoom in, and it will remain next time you visit.

Option “Hide toolbar” does exactly that: hides the toolbar at the top leaving only a thin strip with the name of the site. To return the toolbar back, click on this strip.

New Safari menu with the display settings

Request desktop web site

This option allows you to open and view the desktop version of the website, or go back to mobile. You can also customize the display for each site using site settings. Option will be very useful for iPad users — on a smartphone is still not very convenient to browse the desktop version of any site.

Off the rules to block content

This option allows one tap to disable or re-enable ad blocker advertising on this particular page. As in the case of other settings that change for each page are saved, each time repeating the same actions will not have.

Settings of the website

With this submenu you can set preferences for each site to allow or deny access to your location, activate or block the camera and microphone. Depending on the overall privacy settings, these options are either active or blocked.

There is also the option to enable “read” in certain web pages, which is very helpful when viewing curves and ugly web sites, automatically bringing their pages into shape. Of course, it is best to avoid visiting such places, giving preference to quality sites with good content.

Application developers really tried, making a useful add-in need to each user’s browser settings. But the most important advantage of the updated browser is that to activate just do not need to break in settings and the long climb through the tabs: everything is at hand.

Add-ons already available to all who upgraded to iOS 13. Happy to read your enthusiastic comments in our telegram chat. Welcome!

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