New features in the phones dead 20

Revealed Huawei by Little officially about the phones dead 20 dead 20 Pro and 20X premium new things are:

1) performance

– Processor Kirin 980 core 7 nm: increases the efficiency of the public 37% and energy consumption by 32% compared to the processor Kirin 970.

– The graphics card Mail-G76: technology uses the GPU Turbo to increase the efficiency of processing graphics 46% and reduce the energy consumption of 178%.

– Neural network built-in dual processor: increase the efficiency of the tasks of artificial intelligence including means work Camera application thanks to the increased speed of image recognition 120%.

2) camera

Filming of the petition: one of the cameras of the tripartite background in the phones dead. 20 a wide field of vision thanks to a focal length of 16 mm which enjoyed the lens, this allows adding many elements in the photo dimensions of 21:9.

– The export feature “macro”: thanks to this feature does not become blurry photos when you zoom the camera from the small things to be photographed it can capture details of high precision, where the running water automatically to round of check up to a distance of 2.5 cm.

3) huge battery operates as energy

Huge battery: 4000 mAh in dead 20, the 4200 mAh in dead 20 Pro, 5000 mAh in the dead 20X.

Support shipping wired high-speed “SuperCharge”:the capacity of 40 watts, the availability of charging 70% of battery dead 20 Pro within 30 minutes.

Wireless charging support fast: the capacity of 15 watts shipping 30% from a dead battery 20 through 30 minutes, which is faster 70% of the competitors on the recipe Huawei.

Support wireless charging is the reverse: exploitation of the battery capacity dead 20 Pro large and used in charging other devices support wireless charging standard Qi.

Cooling system “revolution”: the cooling system in the dead 20X is the first in the world in the use of graphene to better performance 70 the weakness of the traditional means by Huawei; even when running games with graphics HD for a long time keeps the phone cool, what improves battery life and increases the life of its estimated long-term.

4) Face ID

The second camera in the dead 20 Pro learn to face the three dimensions, a feature which can be used in many applications Wasp for authentication to unlock the phone or confirm purchases.

When preparing the user can wipe his face using the front camera and keeps the phone in the face of the user three dimensions to use as a means of security to make sure that of trying to unlock your phone or use one of the applications is the user really.

Open the phone lock applications by flip be possible once the face of the front camera without the requirement of looking at it, and we found during our experience that the authentication process is performed successfully in low light and regular and it is very fast, and according to Huawei speed to 0.6 seconds, it is safe to adopt on the sensor and wipe the face infrared is what makes the error rate which is very low and up to 1:million, and therefore can be used as a means to confirm the payment processes.

5) prints the screen

Fingerprint reader has become integrated screen dead 20 Pro, comes from the type of reader insight optical in dead 10 Porsche Design, thus scanning the fingerprint via a shed light on is, and we noted in our experience that it has become faster and more efficient than existing in a dead 10 Porsche Design (up to 30% faster by Huawei) but it’s still slower than the reader insight in the traditional dead 20.

6) additional advantages

– External headset hidden (inside the USB-C port) and the headset calls like foreign.

– Support converting your phone to use the computer wirelessly.

– Modem antennae new flying speed of the data connection to the 1.4 it in a second.

– GPS is a dual frequency, L1 and L5, increases the accuracy of determining the location 10 times.

– Support non-volatile memory external micro-nanoSD.

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