New fine against Google Inc led a $ 57 million France because of the violation of the laws of the GPDR

Google Company

In Europe, there have been many initiatives that aim to protect the privacy of users as much as possible. For example, there was an initiative to allow users to request the deletion of search results associated with them so they won’t be tying them to a particular topic.

After that, it was the launch of the general rules relating to the protection of data and well-known acronym in the name of the GPDR, but it seems that Google Inc. violated unfortunately these rules. According to the Commission data protection general well-known French acronym as CNIL, they are saying that Google Inc. violated the general rules of data protection GPDR because of its failure to make policy and to approve its data transparent and easy to access, and therefore will be fined in the amount of 50 million euros, the equivalent of 57 million USD.

It is estimated that this is the largest fine is imposed on a technology company due to the rules of the GPDR new which was launched less than a year ago. Prior to that, she was the largest fine is approximately 400 thousand euros which have been imposed on a hospital in Portugal. According to activists in the field of privacy, Max Schrems, has stated by saying : ” We are very pleased to use the Data Protection Authority European Commission First Law GPDR to address clear violations of the law. “

The Google company also responded to the report in a statement sent to ZDNet, saying : ” people expect high standards of transparency and verification from our side. We are strongly committed to meeting those expectations and requirements of the GPDR. We realize the decision to determine our next steps “.

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