New games free featured Android and iPhone

1 : the game Fastlane : Road to Revenge

It is enough to click lengthy on the screen to drive your car and drink in the shooting of all the cars that are in front of you to be the owner of the first place in the race and at the same time to achieve the direct task will help you to upgrade your car or buy other car help you to keep you always in the article is not that you are in competition with the three players must do everything in your power to be the owner of the first place, the game is available for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Fastlane : Road to Revenge Android

Fastlane : Road to Revenge Evo

2 : the game Final Fantasy XV

One of a series of Final Fantasy games rich from the definition, and this time with a game strategy for my son’s sport, and collect core resources, and get in fights with real players to prove your worth in this game, create your own army and upgrade it all I allowed you the opportunity to in preparation for a possible attack, the game need a little bit of intelligence you need to plan and action strategies of the court to be able to manage your empire and overcome all who dare to meet you, maybe you may need to join a guild or alliance with your friends to not be alone, interesting game dramatically, You can try it for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Final Fantasy XV Android

Final Fantasy XV iPhone

3 : the game, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

The game was released in late 2018, the graphics and the way content is displayed and characters are more things that will make you love her, the events of the game located in Spain and in old age you have to choose the Champions you to train them and then send them on secret missions all over Spain to discover the mysteries and secrets and interview all who stand in their way and using unique skills will be gained with progress in the game you can experience this for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Android

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Evo

4 : game Kingsman – the secret service

Is inspired from the movie kingsman famous you have to build a base of kingsman Your with a wide range of secret rooms and the protections that make it harder for gangs, serious tolerance to it we’re talking here about the laser, surveillance cameras, guards and so on, of course it won’t be easy where you have to solve each of these stages required in a clever way, the hand controls are easy and you will receive in a few seconds, the game currently has not issued officially but you can try beta on Google Play for free .

Kingsman – the secret service Android

5 : the game I Am Monster

The logo of the game broke more to become bigger, you’re a monster stranded in a strange city graphics three-dimensional your only job is to destroy everything that you find in front of cars, streets, buildings and all that destroyed more the bigger and gained more capabilities, you can also buy other monsters and upgrade them in case I wanted it, the game is available free of charge with purchases on the inside for both Android and IOS .

I Am Monster Android

I Am Monsterايفون

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