New Google Search makes watching YouTube videos much more convenient

Of course, Google is always regularly updated their services and applications, but in recent years the company something often, and this is definitely a good thing. Not every update, but in many of them there are some really useful new features, or brought to mind and begin to work normally old. Popular — even in our country, where monopolisitic the domestic market with Yandex for Android (and other systems) application/service called Google Search has got another useful upgrade.

A new update occurs on the server side and for that reason begins to work with different users gradually. It adds an in-app Google Search for Android a new feature called “In this video” (In this video).

The new function “In this video” helps users to save time and nerves

If you have long and regularly use YouTube, you probably noticed that the authors under some video for users leave tips with temporary beacons, clicking on which you can go to a specific point in the video. The new Search feature adds such temporary beacons to the video directly in the search results so that when you click on them you immediately begin viewing the place that you need.

For example, you are searching for “tie a scarf gradually video”. If the top result in the search contains the words “this video”, you’ll see where in the video is a specific area with the desired content. In the image below, you can see that the information about choosing yarn and needles starts with 32 seconds of video. At 7:33 starts a video segment about knitting in line. You can swapnote swipe left to see the continuation of the timeline, and clicking on any of these beacons, you’ll go straight to this part of the video.

Most often users are searching for YouTube training videos on a particular subject, as you do not understand something, but want to quickly master. Thus, instead of viewing long-form videos, which includes steps, which you may not need to know the timeline, you can focus on learning the specific steps you need to take to accomplish its task.

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