New Huawei P30 will support 3D modeling

Almost every day there is some new information on the upcoming and eagerly anticipated smartphones Huawei P30 and P30 Huawei Pro. We already were shown renderings of the devices, their specs, videos, and photos with their cameras and even some additional features. Wait smartphones is very long, so as of now probably already know that the announcement will take place on March 26 in Paris.

Today Huawei has released another video, which is not shown themselves smartphones, but, rather, demonstrated their capabilities. More precisely, as expected, the new feature will only be available to senior mobile – Huawei P30 Pro. We are talking about the possibility of using a camera and special sensors to create 3D models of objects. If this feature will indeed be available on the new flagship of the company’s P-series this will be the first experience with such technology.

Most likely, 3D modeling will occur through the use of special ToF lens, the presence of which in the upcoming smartphone is not yet confirmed. Sensor ToF (Time of Flight) is able to emit light and record the speed of its reflection from the object. Knowing the time, it is based on the speed of light (and it is stable in air is about 300 thousand km/s) is able to calculate the exact distance to the object, like a laser rangefinder.

If you remember, Huawei Mate 20 Pro also had a similar feature, and he also knew how to create a 3D model. But unlike Mate Pro 20 in which a 3D simulation technology was used on the basis of the laser, P30 Pro, perhaps everything will be done with the help of ToF-sensor and light that will allow much more accurate scan objects and twist technology at its new level.

Let me remind you again what we already know about the smartphone Huawei P30 of the early rumors. It is expected that the Junior model will cost 749 euros for the version with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM, and it will probably be a single configuration for sale in Europe. P30 Pro will cost buyers already in the € 999 for 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, and a variant with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of main memory will cost 1099 euros. In Europe will also be available model with 512 GB, but its cost is not known.

You wait for the new flagship from Huawei?

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