New image pickup Tesla was puzzled by designers

Recently, the company Tesla has finally unveiled its long-anticipated electric crossover Model Y. It turned out that in one of the demo videos the company has hidden “Easter eggs” in the form of a teaser of the future of the future of the pickup truck, but almost nobody noticed. Subsequently, Elon Musk decided to just publish the secret image, however, it users only puzzled. It is not clear what part of the car it depicts, but the designers decided to solve this mystery.

Пикап Tesla

A few months ago Elon Musk said that the design of his pickup truck inspired by the cyberpunk universe of Blade Runner. While he was not bothered that the car is too bold design is unlikely to be in demand. He said that after the release of action-Packed mini-truck, it will release a version with a more modest and familiar design.

Тизер пикапа Tesla

Designer Sean Sparling shared with the publication Electrec rough 3D model of future trends. In his opinion, the pickup will have a pretty long hood, but because of the low detail to highlight some of the special features of the future car.

Пикап Tesla

Other designers believe that Tesla is deliberately introduced people astray by changing the angle of the image. It may well be that it appears before the body — if you compare a teaser with a picture of a Tesla pickup truck two years ago, you can find quite a lot of common features.

Пикап Tesla

Also, it is believed that the picture is a cargo area of a pickup truck. One of the creations of the designers can see more than the standard view of future trends, but the other more in line with cyberpunk style.

Пикап Tesla

Which of the options it seems the most realistic? Perhaps you have your own interpretation of the teaser? Your opinion write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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